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In Marlborough, Pinot Noir was for many years a secondary consideration to Sauvignon Blanc. The first plantings of the variety in Marlborough took place as far back as 1973, though for the next 20-plus years most of the Pinot Noir fruit grown in the region was used to make sparkling wine.

Serious growth began after 2000. Over the first decade of the new millennium, Pinot Noir plantings expanded four-fold to cover 2000ha while the sparkling wine share as a percentage receded. Today the total area of Pinot Noir in Marlborough covers 2,669ha, the most of any region.

Marlborough is well-endowed from a grape growing perspective. The Richmond Ranges to the north keep out the rain carried by the prevailing nor’westerly winds. The Wither Hills to the south offer protection from the cold southerlies. While the summer temperatures are warm, they are not overly so and there is pronounced diurnal variation. The result is a long, unrushed growing season, perfect for Pinot Noir.

Much of the region’s Pinot Noir is planted on the low-vigour clay soils on the southern side of the Wairau Valley, which imbues the wines with colour and fleshiness. The Pinots grown in the neighbouring Awatere Valley, which is cooler and drier and where the soils are prominently stony alluvial, lean towards lighter, more vibrant styles.

There will always be Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc. But a potent Pinot culture has established itself in the region and is now also a confident force on the national scene.

Allan Scott

Allan Scott is one of the true pioneers and a name synonymous with New Zealand’s acclaimed Marlborough region. Allan along with wife Catherine founded the Allan Scott Family Winemakers label in 1990 and quickly became a household brand name in the highly competitive wine industry. Today Allan, Catherine and the entire family of Victoria, Joshua and Sara head up the production and marketing management of the company with a highly skilled operational team. The family produces a range of aromatic wines especially well suited to the region’s gravelly soils and sunny climate.


Astrolabe is owned and operated by winemaker Simon Waghorn and his family in Marlborough, New Zealand. We choose to live and work in Marlborough because we think the grapes here are the best in the world. We source our fruit from diverse microclimates and soils, including limestone. Our growers live on their land and have a commitment and relationship with their land which reflects a respect for the natural environment within which they live and work. At Astrolabe Farm, our home vineyard, we practise organics, dry farm and are working on restoring natural waterways and expanding our composting initiative.

Brancott Estate

Since planting Marlborough’s first Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir in 1975, Brancott Estate has crafted wines that reflect the land and express what nature provides.
We have always had an eye on the future, advocating sustainability across all aspects of the business. As a founding member of SWNZ, Brancott Estate continues to exceed the program’s accreditation requirements.
Believing we can create a positive impact beyond our vineyard boundaries, to date Brancott Estate has raised over half a million dollars for The Marlborough Falcon Trust, helping to ensure the ongoing survival of New Zealand’s native Karearea; and have partnered with Conservation Volunteers providing employee time and resources to regenerate Marlborough’s Para Wetland and enhance biodiversity.

Catalina Sounds

Based at our Sound of White vineyard in Marlborough’s Waihopai Valley, Catalina Sounds pays homage to New Zealand’s famous and largest war bird, the Catalina, which played a critical role during and after World War II. At Catalina Sounds we draw inspiration for our wines from these graceful, unique flying boats and the respect they garner throughout the world. Our philosophy is focussed upon creating wines of great honesty and purity whilst also incorporating subtle texture and complexity.

Clos Henri

For the past 10 generations, our family has committed to reveal the expression of our place – heart and soul – in our village of Chavignol in Sancerre, France. This philosophy has grown into the thirst to discover a new place, one we could also call home, a land we would nurture to express Pinot Noir through the singularity of new soils. We found it here in Marlborough’s Wairau Valley. We baptised it Clos Henri. We have set new roots in this land we feel empowered by. – The Bourgeois Family


Corofin is the artisan winemaking project of Mike and Anna Paterson, which evolved to tell the story of some pretty special Marlborough Pinot sites. It has become a collaboration with farmers whose vineyards have and will produce fruit that acts as a beacon of individual terroir. The hope with all Corofin wines is to transmit a sense of place and season first, over fruit intensity or winemaking ambition.

Dog Point Vineyard

Dog Point Vineyard is located at the confluence of the Brancott and Omaka Valleys in Marlborough and is one of the oldest privately established vineyards in the region.
With a hands-off approach to winemaking, all fruit is from hand-picked, and low cropped vines, producing a bright perfumed, supple expression of pinot noir from clay hill slopes.
We are the largest Biogro certified organic vineyard area in New Zealand. Our organic focus flows throughout the property with native bush, wetlands, pasture, beehives, walking tracks, orchard and vegetable gardens. This philosophy is about creating a healthy community and preserving the land for future generations.


We make wine by our own rules
We’re big believers in doing what you love. So when it comes to making wine, we just make wine that we ourselves want to drink.
We love aromatic styled wines to accompany food. And over the years, our Framingham range has grown with a strong tradition of winemaking for balance, texture and complexity.
By combining small batches of fruit from different parts of the vineyard, we build depth of flavour and texture. Our place is at 19 Conder’s Bend Road, in the Wairau Valley, Marlborough. Here we believe in restoring the balance on our organic vineyard.
We want to make quality wines for years to come. But not at the expense of the land.
We are a family-owned Sogrape company.

Fromm Winery

FROMM is an organic boutique winery, family owned in the heart of Marlborough.

Our philosophy places terroir over technology, and grape quality over quantity. We are dedicated to producing intense, concentrated wines.
All FROMM wines have an uncompromising emphasis on texture and drinkability. We carefully regulate crop size, follow organic principles and are committed to sustainable viticulture. We feel that to make great wines, we need to start with organically grown grapes.


“From their first vintage in 1984, walking to their own tried and true beat, the three Giesen Brothers have always created great wines. A passion for Pinot drove Theo, Alex and Marcel to invest in two unique, organically farmed vineyard sites in Marlborough that produce truly World Class Pinot Noir. Clayvin and Ridge vineyards represent our Pinot Noir journey, our expression of the land, our Marlborough heritage and our Giesen family spirit. Join us on our journey”.


The name Zephyr characterises the prevailing wind that complements Marlborough’s unique ripening season. Zephyr wines embrace the dynamic spirit of the Glover family and the lively aromatics of the organically farmed estate vineyards in the Dillon’s Point sub-region. The Glover family vineyards, planted in 1985 alongside the meandering Opaoa River, have inspired the family’s passion for wine. Pinot Noir is a personal project for Ben Glover – Owner/Winemaker; thus conveying a unique sense of place and space stimulating family expression.