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Hawkes Bay

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Hawke’s Bay is the largest wine region in the North Island and the country’s second largest. It is also rich in wine history. Vines were first planted in the Bay in 1851 by French Marist Brothers. The winery they founded (today called Mission Estate) is New Zealand’s oldest and is still under the ownership of the Society of Mary.

Pinot Noir arrived in Hawke’s Bay in the late 19th century. Today it occupies only a small part (231ha or 5%) of the region’s vineyard area, and much of that is used for sparkling wine. This is a region where the emphasis is on Chardonnay, Bordeaux blends and Syrah.

Hawke’s Bay basks in famously high doses of summer sunshine. The proximity of the sea has a cooling effect, ensuring grapes are not over-cooked. A good portion of the region’s vines are planted on the Heretaunga plain, a broad coastal flatland created by the ever-shifting pathways of several fast-moving rivers. The plain offers alluvial over gravelly subsoils, while the surrounding hill country is both clay and (in parts) limestone-based.

The region’s Pinot Noir plantings are based mainly in the hillier, inland areas, cooler than the plain and with more diurnal variation. Crownthorpe and Matapiro are sub-regions where it has a foothold. Further south, in part due to the lure of limestone, there is a cluster of Pinot producers in Central Hawke’s Bay.


Junction Wines

Junction Wines: single vineyard range, from the wind swept, stony gravels of the Takapau Plains. Hand harvested fruit exposed to Central Hawkes Bay’s long hot dry season and cool nights make these intense aromatic wines distinctive and unique. The vineyard is located 250 metres above sea level; believed to be the highest vineyard in Hawkes Bay with grapes grown on Takapau silt loam soils; a free draining red metal soil. Pinot Noir is our passion and the award winning Body and Soul Pinot Noir strives to emulate this.

Sileni Estates

In ancient Greece the Sileni were companions of Dionysus, the god of wine, vineyards and theatre. When there was something to be celebrated, the Sileni were always on hand to encourage enjoyment of delicious food, great wine and social interaction. Named in their honour, Sileni produces a range of Pinot Noirs made to be great collaborators, with a talent for enhancing flavours and textures, and most importantly bringing people together; friends, family, community.

Te Mata Estate Winery

Te Mata Estate was established in Havelock North in 1896, we remain family owned and operated specialising in high-quality wines of classical style including famous labels such as Coleraine, Awatea Cabernets/Merlots, Bullnose Syrah, Elston Chardonnay, Cape Crest Sauvignon Blanc, Zara Viognier and, launched in 2018, Alma Pinot Noir. Every step in the production of our wines is undertaken by us, from grape growing and pruning through to winemaking and bottling.