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With just 43ha of Pinot Noir planted, Gisborne is a small player in the New Zealand Pinot Noir pageant.

The region is the country’s easternmost and is relatively remote. It has played a pivotal role in the industry’s rise. During the 1980s it carved out a reputation for its Chardonnay, and this remains by far the region’s most widely planted variety.

Warmth and sunshine characterise the Gisborne growing season – summer weather that is often the envy of the rest of the country. These conditions ripen fruit well ahead of most other regions. Rainfall can present a challenge, especially in autumn. Most vineyards are planted on fine silt river loams and clay-based plains. The more recent Pinot Noir plantings have been on slopes with high clay content.

Millton Vineyards and Winery

The Millton Vineyard is a small family run wine estate practicing regenerative viticulture in the far east of the North Island of New Zealand. Our land is the first in the world to see the light of a new day and is the place where the first Maori and European landed many years ago. We’re not standing on dirt but the rooftop of another kingdom. Our vineyards are dry farmed and certified organic and biodynamic. For over 35 years we have grown Pinot Noir in a small vineyard on slopes overlooking the valley below. Our Pinot Noir is harvested and raised in our own cellars and bottled on the property. These wines are fermented with natural yeasts and bacteria and are unfined and unfiltered.