Jamie Goode


Jamie Goode started out as a scientist but got bitten by the wine bug. He began by publishing wineanorak.com while employed as a science editor, then got book deals and a wine column with a national newspaper. He travels widely through the wine world, including lots of time spent in New Zealand. As well as writing about wine, he also judges and lectures, as well as spending too much time on social media. Goode is unusual, in that he’s a scientist, but also loves natural wine. And though he’s Uk based, he has a global outlook.


Weekly column: Sunday Express

Co-chair, International Wine Challenge


Flawless: Understanding Faults in Wine (University of California Press, Sept 2018)
I Taste Red (University of California Press 2016) Roederer Award winner 2017, James Beard Award Nominee 2017
Wine Science  (Mitchell Beazley 2005 and 2nd Edn 2014) Glenfiddich Award 2005
Authentic Wine, co-authored with Sam Harrop (University of California Press 2011)