Preliminary Programme

Day 1 - Place & Care
Tuesday 23 February, 2021


Following a powhiri (official welcome) we start where Pinot Noir NZ 2017 ended, exploring the theme of Tūrangawaewae – a place to put one’s feet, a place to stand, a place to which one belongs. If Terroir is how a place is expressed, through grapevines, into something we can taste and feel, Turangawaewae is how a place informs, or defines us as people. It drives our sense of belonging and, in turn, how we relate back to that place.

We then turn to how we relate and care for land, as a place, and perhaps as a living entity. We can consider guardianship as Pinot Noir winegrowers, merchants, commentators and enthusiasts. Importantly, it might also lead us towards acknowledging how the land has cared for, or provided for us.

An array of home-grown and international speakers will set the tone, and an afternoon of one-to-one tastings with New Zealand producers will deliver results. Here you will spend time with the first 40 of 120 wineries that are part of Pinot Noir NZ 2021. All will lead to open and broad ranging discussions on the significance of place in the expression of New Zealand Pinot Noir.


We kick the first evening off with a proper hoolie (kiwi for party), set in the stunning and modern Christchurch Art Gallery. Eat, drink, dance and mingle with friends old and new. It’s party time.

Day 2 – Kinship
Wednesday 24 February, 2021


Today we ask; “How do we maintain connections with those in our family, community and industry in relation to Pinot Noir?” We explore how our craft, and the product itself, help us to connect with each other, both here in New Zealand and abroad. We share stories from wineries small, medium and large, and delve into the essence of kinship, community and culture.

An impressive global panel will take us through an International Pinot Noir Tasting, showing how place informs wine, communities and culture. This session will be filled with inspirational stories, and with frank and open discussion.

NZ producers will speak to these themes in the afternoon one-to-one tastings, as you spend time with another 40 wineries, tasting close to 100 of their wines.


Spend Night Two with a Garden Party Pinot-style in the Botanic Gardens. Top kiwi chefs will be dishing up the goods in this stunning central city location

Day 3 - Connections & Belonging
Thursday 25 February, 2021


Is Pinot Noir a luxury or an agricultural product? How does it connect people to land? What is happening around the world, and what’s next? A powerful final session where we question perceptions, look globally and think ahead to the future. Prepare for multiple speakers and a multitude of topics on thinking old and new.

We then put our attention to wines that represent the ideas of connection and belonging in the New Zealand Pinot Noir Tasting, led by a panel of seven New Zealand and international guests.

The afternoon provides a final opportunity for wineries to share their wines with you, one on one. This will see you spending time with 40 more wineries, completing your virtual road trip around eight distinct New Zealand Pinot Noir regions.


Prepare for a sit-down feast like no other. Don your glad rags for this epic finale, consume the best of kiwi cuisine, and savour a selection of truly outstanding New Zealand wines.