Philippa Fourbet

Philippa’s Pinot love began from her upbringing in Otago and tasting numerous gorgeous Pinot Noirs from the region over the years. She loved NZ Pinot so much she decided she’d buy a vineyard sight unseen in New Zealand (largely to avoid being an old lady in Europe). That was in 2010 – needless to say she’s learnt quite a lot since then and even returned to NZ before reaching her dotage. Philippa juggles directing proceedings at Domaine Rewa, twin boys, PA for her husband The French Potters business and has a full time job in finance. Amongst all, she joins the team with great passion to work with our sponsors and our invaluable industry partners. She is honoured to be part of this ambitious, talented, driven and diverse industry embodied in the Pinot Noir 2025 event.