Directors Archive

Helen Masters

Winemaker at Ata Rangi Wairarapa, Helen is a bit like Pinot Royalty in New Zealand. And we can’t see her stepping back as a senior member of our NZ wine family any time soon. She’s been called a dynamo, and given that was a way of lighting up your ride as the wheels go round, it’s an apt description. She’s the grape that holds the bunch together, mostly by leading the conga line down by the Avon River at 3am.

Penelope Naish

Co-owner of Black Estate North Canterbury, Naish is a powerhouse in the ‘get shiz done’ game of life. Queen of the 70s look, her DJ name is Denim Jacket (you’ll get it eventually). In a bunch she’s the nuggety little grape who pushes the whole team over the brix threshold, while maintaining her own balance and natural style- everyone else is left wondering what the hell just happened.

Aaron Drummond

Ahhh look, we knew it would happen eventually. An Australian from a Pinot-growing region finally seeing the light and making the big jump sideways, into the loving arms of our Pinot whānau. Despite his sun-burnt country outer layer, this grape/human who is the general manager of Craggy Range has adopted our ways, growing Pinot and sailing on the mighty Tongaroa. We have enlisted him in a covert operation to encourage more of homeland to set the compass to the East.

Nat Christensen

The human most likely to add colour to this ferment and like Alicante Bouchet the pigmentation isn’t just skin deep for Nat. As chief winemaker for Yealands she knows how to mix it up, bringing her predilection for parties for pets, yoga practice and double bass skills to the game. If you read between the lines for this event, you’ll realise we really can’t ask for anything more useful!