The Essentials

It is by any measure an impressive assemblage of people and Pinot Noir. A carefully selected line-up of keynote speakers will take part along with over 100 New Zealand producers (accompanied by their wines, of course) representing eight different regions. Media, trade representatives and pinot disciples from near and far will be present. The programme is rich with tastings, lively addresses and discussions, palate-wowing New Zealand food, cultural events and more.

It takes place in Christchurch from 11-13 February 2025. Multiple central city venues will be used for the various programme elements.

Your ticket will give you a passport to explore what we think is the world’s most dynamic, committed and curious Pinot Noir producing culture. You’ll meet the people who brought New Zealand Pinot to the world stage and you’ll encounter a new generation of winemaker stars.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn about our land, and importantly, about our evolving attitudes towards it. You’ll be informed and entertained by speakers with global perspectives. You’ll be able to connect with those who occupy every link on the supply chain, from vineyard to bottlestore, along with media personalities. You’ll be exposed to delights from the local patanga (food house). And you’ll taste Pinot. You’ll taste Pinot Noirs that will tell you their own, distinctive stories of Aotearoa New Zealand.